Tax disputes

Tax disputes

Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience positive in almost any section of the tax law.

Judicial protection of the interests of taxpayers:

  1. Challenging the court decision of the tax authorities about bringing the organization to a tax liability.
  2. Challenging the omission of the tax authorities, expressing evading repayment of overpaid taxes.
  3. Challenging the recovery of amounts of tax penalties.

In addition, in all categories of cases The Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” provides:

  • preparation and application of petitions for restoration of rights, the taking of evidence, research and attached to the case file of new evidence;
  • submission of an application for disqualification of a judge, assistant judge, court clerk;
  • drafting a complain to the Qualification Board of Judges;
  • obtaining copies of judicial decisions, writs, orders bailiffs;
  • submission to the court for the imposition of administrative fines: in the absence of the representative of the tax authority, for failure to evidence claimed by the court for failure to perform court’s decision.

Clear recommendations produced for clients whose interests are represented in court by attorneys and lawyers of the Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners”, to minimize the risks of the claims of the tax authorities in the future.

We are convinced that you, as a smart businessman, will think about the future of your business and saving money you earned.

After consultation with us, you will see the real benefits for yourself.

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