Inheritance disputes

Inheritance disputes

Most often such disputes arise in the case where the testator’s relatives have to prove in court their right to inheritance, property or the right to its share in the transfer of property. If none of the parties is not ready for a peaceful solution of the issue, usually lengthy inheritance disputes escalate into fighting of lawsuits and lawyers in court, selflessly defending the rights of their clients. At the same time, these differences quite versatile, it can be:

  • Disputes concerning inheritance division;
  • Questions arising from the need to restore the deadline for the procedure of acceptance of the inheritance;
  • The need to prove the lawfulness of acceptance of the inheritance;
  • It may also be the need to establish in court the fact of kinship with a citizen, which is the testator, or other facts which inherently are important for inheritance procedures (for example, the establishing of the fact and the exact time of the testator’s death, the fact of family dependents, testator prove ownership of property acquired legally married, etc.).

ТThe right to inheritance is proved in almost every case through the courts. Therefore, inheritance disputes and probate is often impossible without high-quality professional support lawyers.

These disputes over inheritance are not only legal consequences, and often psychologically unpleasant for the warring parties. At the same time legal proceedings in disputes about the inheritance may end at the desired scenario, court decisions in favor of the protected contact a relative of the testator, and the conclusion of a settlement agreement between the parties. Pre-trial settlement of inheritance disputes – the most desired results in the process of registration or the redistribution of property.

As a rule, any litigation relating to inheritance is very complex and is a confusing thing to understanding in which is under force only to experienced lawyers. Advice on inheritance disputes must necessarily be obtained from professional lawyers.

Our law firm “Goretskyy and Partners” offers the following legal services in the field of inheritance law:

  • Advice and representation in courts on inheritance;
  • Conducting hereditary affairs of a notary;
  • The establishment of the acceptance of inheritance in court;
  • Restoring the timing for the adoption of the inheritance;
  • Recognition of ownership of the inherited property;
  • The recognition of the will invalid;
  • Isolation of a mandatory share in the estate;
  • Restoring documents that confirm kinship;
  • Correction of erroneous entries in the certificates;
  • Appeals against decisions and actions of the notary when you make a legacy;
  • Determination of the composition of the inheritance.
  • Establishing judicially the fact of kinship in order to accept the inheritance.
  • Registration of documents of title to the inheritance.

If life has set you a task to design the ownership of property received as an inheritance, you are in a difficult situation inheritance dispute, without fail you will come to the aid of specialists of our law firm. You will certainly get an informative consultation, and if there is sufficient evidence, or even a small corporate clues we guarantee the solution of inheritance disputes in your favor.

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