Insurance disputes

Insurance disputes

“Insurance is a parachute: if You don’t have it at the right time, more You won’t need it.”

Smiljan Mori

Today is a very common activity of insurance companies and the services they provide are necessary in day-to-day activity. However, sometimes it happens that even the insured persons have problems that will eventually grow into the insurance disputes. In such disputes is almost impossible to achieve a result without qualified legal advice, due to the specifics of the insurance relations and their complexity.

For example, each user of insurance companies services knows the cases when even in the presence of CIVOCL insurance, upon the occurrence of the accident, which occurred due to his fault, he/she would still be obliged to compensate the harm caused by damage to vehicles, property, health or life.

For a long time lawyers of our firm carry out representation of interests of both physical persons and legal entities as insurers, as well as representing the interests of the leading insurance companies in Ukraine.

Extensive experience in the field of insurance law gives us the opportunity to resolve insurance disputes for the benefit of our customers quickly and efficiently.

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