Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” provides legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Debt collection;
  • Penalty penalty (fine, surcharge), three per cent per annum, inflationary costs, legal services;
  • A recognition of contract invalid;
  • Recognition of notary executive inscriptions not enforceable;
  • Appeal against the decision of the arbitral tribunal;
  • Appeal against actions of state executive;
  • Appeal of decisions, definitions entered into force on newly discovered circumstances;
  • Compulsion to fulfill contractual obligations;
  • Removing the arrest of property of legal entities;
  • Corporate disputes (disputes between the co-founders of business entities);
  • Return of property from illegal possession;

In addition to direct representation of interests in commercial disputes in courts, will render the qualified help in any matter of business.

Services of the settlement of commercial disputes provided by lawyers of the Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners”:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the prospects of the judicial proceedings and documents provided by the client;
  • Extra-judicial settlement of disputes: preparation and examination of claims, demands, participation in negotiations, preparation of settlement agreements, etc;
  • Preparation of procedural documents: claims, responses to statements of claim, appeals and cassations, applications and petitions and other procedural documents;
  • Representation in courts of different instances: Commercial Court, Commercial Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court;
  • Participation in the courts for review of the judgment, the definitions entered into force on newly discovered circumstances.

The purpose of any economic activity is profit. A positive result of a commercial dispute is an outcome that is economically beneficial to our customers, namely, to reach such a result our team.