Bankruptcy and liquidation

Bankruptcy and liquidation

Bankruptcy – is the sphere of law, which regulates the insolvency, that is, the impossibility of a business entity to fulfill financial obligations to creditors, including on wages and taxes, and bankruptcy matters, that is about the recognition of the commercial court of inability of the debtor to resume its solvency and to fulfill the requirements of creditors through the elimination procedure.

In this area, our Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” can solve the following questions:

  • Legal advice on bankruptcy;
  • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings of the business entity or its debtors;
  • Legal assistance during the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Carrying out the liquidation procedure;
  • legal services during the reorganization;
  • Loans are written off, the arbitration control services;
  • Exemption from debt and bankruptcy;
  • Legal services for debt collection from a business entity, which is in the process of bankruptcy;
  • Protection of interests of the parties in court.

Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners” provides a full range of legal services related to the bankruptcy proceedings.

If You have the bankruptcy of the enterprise – please contact the Law Firm “Goretskyy and Partners.” We will defend you interests most efficiently and effectively.

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